JICC is devoted to bond business ties between Japan and Israel by providing various kinds of support for all JICC members.


Our mission is to to promote trade and investment between Japan and Israel. To achieve the mission, a wide range of historical, cultural, intellectual and networking information about Israel and Japan is provided and shared among our community. 




  • Our Services

    In recent years, Israel has been attracting attention as a world leading center for business and R&D due to its unique environment not only in business and technology but also cultural aspects.

    We, the Japan-Israel Chamber of Commerce (JICC), aim to support commercial transactions, to leverage trade and investments and to deepen culture communication between Japan and Israel for all of our members. Concerning it, we hold seminars, organize events, make visits to make sure exclusive information can flow smoothly in our community.

  • Education

    We invite pioneers and the most innovative influencers in economy, technology and culture fields as speakers to provide our members with the most advanced and solid business information and opportunities between Japan and Israel.

  • Networking

    We dedicate to provide our members with mutual understandings and connections of specialists in a wide range of fields such as business people, writers, public institutions managers and academic researchers of automobiles, electrical machinery, telecommunications and wine.


Embassy of Israel in Japan 

Embassy of Israel in Japan 

Economy and Trade Mission

Embassy of Japan in Israel

Japan External Trade Organization

The Israel Japan FSCC




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